By Michael J. Thompson

Borrowing a cue from Neighborhood Planning Unit D (NPU-D), on June 5 the residents of NPU-C voted 62-0 to oppose the existing application for the requested rezoning of the 12.6-acre tract at 1011 Collier Road N.W. for a proposed mixed-use development.

“The unanimous decision by both of our communities should send a message to future developers that when planning new projects you must ensure that the growth density does not exceed the infrastructure in place,” said Eric Ranney, chairperson of NPU-C.

The proposed $90 million mixed-use development by Pollack Partners and landowner MK Management Company would have been for 55,000-square-foot of commercial and office space along with 643 residential units on a 12.6 acre tract along Collier Road in the shadow of I-75.

“I understand opposition to the proposed rezoning is great and we will take your suggestions and criticisms seriously in how we approach this development and potential rezoning in the future,” said Marc Pollack, CEO of Pollack Partners.

The applicant sought to rezone 1011 Collier Road – currently I-1 (Light Industrial), R-4 (Single-family Residential) and RG-2 (Residential General –Sector 2) to MRC-3 High Density Mixed Residential and Commercial.

“The developer (Pollack) indicated that he is working on a different plan and strategy and will come back to present the new rezoning at a later date,” said Ranney.

Pollack did not give a timetable for when his company will present a new plan for Collier Road, although his lawyer said that it was Pollack’s intent to seek a deferral of its various applications in order to present a revised proposal. Any new proposals will be reviewed by the NPU-C Task Force and evaluated by the NPU.

“The main reason we voted against this, was because the plan as it stands does not accommodate for any changes in the infrastructure and when you add a new development without taking into consideration potential traffic problems, then you’re not benefiting the community,” Ranney said.

“Also, the proposed rezoning of the Collier Road, as it stands, would set an undesirable precedent for future rezoning on that road and in the area northwest and south of the I-75 bridge,” Ranney said.

In other news, NPU-C voted 57-0 to approve a proposal to amend the by-laws for NPU-C to make it clear that any official action of the NPU must have first been voted on and approved at a monthly NPU meeting.