The City of Atlanta Permitting Improvement Project Team recently held a press conference to present Mayor Franklin with the results of the two year Permitting Improvement Project. Since the permitting improvement project began, time to permit has been reduced by more than 50%.

After 24 months of work by Luz Borrero, who Mayor Shirley Franklin named Deputy Chief Operating Officer to implement changes based on the Bain and Company’ assessment of the permitting process, and the Permitting Improvement Project Team, the project has met successful conclusion. All 32 initial Bain recommendations have been successfully implemented, as well as 15 recommendations made by the Project Team.

Bain and Company’s proposal New Century Economic Development Plan (EDP) researched and recommended goals to boost economic development opportunity in the city. Five of the seven targets were directly or indirectly affected by building permitting processes and demonstrated that the building permitting process did not fully promote development in the city.

The City of Atlanta’s successful completion of the Permitting Improvement Project has provided a new efficient permitting process in the Bureau of Buildings.

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