Several years ago as part of a beautification plan, new light fixtures were purchased to line streets and sidewalks in Sandy Springs. I refer to these fixtures as “bobble-head” fixtures.

To me, it’s obvious why they remind me of bobble heads. The fixtures are very unattractive; out-of-proportion; and of poor quality. The “heads” of the fixtures are too large for the poles and pole bases. The poles, even if installed correctly, are likely to “lean”.

I find the fixtures to be an embarrassment for the new city of Sandy Springs. I contacted Mayor Galambos in December of 2005 about my concerns and received no reply.

Sandy Springs needs to adopt a high-quality, civic-style light fixture and not purchase one more Bobble Head. Surely I am not the only one who finds the bobble-head fixtures to be offensive.

Compare the elegant, timeless City of Atlanta standard fixtures to the bobble-heads. Surely Sandy Springs can do better. Go to for numerous appropriate light fixtures.

Joe Trammell