By Katie Fallon

Residents will have yet another chance to dissect the city’s park facilities when Councilwomen Karen Meinzen McEnerny and Ashley Jenkins hold a joint town hall meeting on Aug. 13.

The Monday night meeting will be held in the library of Holy Spirit Prep School on Long Island Drive. The 90-minute meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

Meinzen McEnerny, the District 6 councilwoman, said the meeting will be more of a chance for the community to review all of the city’s park facilities, rather than discuss one particular park or parks-related issue.

“The public might not be aware of the location and amenities of what we have in Sandy Springs,” Meinzen McEnerny said. “I just want to alert everybody. Unfortunately, some of the parks don’t have improvements yet.”

Jenkins said parks have remained a priority because now that Sandy Springs is a city, it can claim its own parks facilities, while also recognizing they need improvements because of prior neglect by Fulton County.

“They just need some tender loving care,” Jenkins said. “They need to be spruced up, some need capital repairs, some need new programs and they need to be promoted so our citizens know about them and enjoy them.”

Meinzen McEnerny said she does expect the issue of a proposed dog park will be brought up. She said the fact that the dog park has become a contentious issue not about whether or not the city should have one.

“It’s not about the dog park, but where to put it,” Meinzen McEnerny said. “Everyone shares the common agreement that we need a dog park. The disagreement is where to put it.”

Jenkins said the city has $25,000 to develop a dog park, with possible locations at Ridgeview and Morgan Falls Parks. She said it has remained an important topic, albeit possibly for an unnecessary reason.

“No decision has been made,” Jenkins said. “I think it is a hot button issue because people thought the council had made a location decision without consulting the neighborhood. That didn’t happen.”