By Katie Fallon

The Sandy Springs Fire Rescue Department now has the proper means to help victims of the four-legged and furry variety.

Each of the city’s fire stations now have two animal oxygen mask kits, with each kit containing a small, medium and large mask. The masks were obtained through the fundraising efforts of resident Kathy Wright and the nonprofit organization HELP Animals, Inc.

Wright continues to raise funds in the hopes of further outfitting the public safety departments in Sandy Springs. Wright hopes to get a total of 22 mask kits, which cost about $55, for both fire and police staff.

“I wanted to do something to help the community,” Wright said of her involvement with the project.

Wright helped spearhead the effort with Firefighter-Paramedic Craig Miceli, who held a training session on Aug. 7 to demonstrate the technique for using the masks.

Miceli said the masks can be used in emergency situations to allow for the connection of oxygen to an animal suffering from smoke inhalation. Because pets and families are often so closely intertwined, he said the fire department is committed to saving any life it can.

Donations to help the city acquire more mask kits should made out to HELP Animals, Inc. and mailed to Kathy Wright at 260 Beachland Dr, Sandy Springs, GA 30342.