By Michael J. Thompson

District 8 Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore quickly turned the August 28 meeting of Neighborhood Planning Unit D into an impromptu comedy moment when she entered the room of more than 30 northwest Atlanta residents and asked: “Is everyone pants up?”

Moore was obviously referencing the proposed city ordinance by fellow City Council member C.T. Martin that would outlaw wearing sagging baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs.

Those attending the meeting at the Agape Center on Bolton Road roared with laughter, giving Moore a chance to opine more on the controversial proposal that critics have attacked as being a form of racial profiling. Moore told the group. “I don’t know how we can legislate this and, more importantly, this is now a national issue as the media is looking at Atlanta as we try to legislate morality,” Moore added.

One person in attendance joked to Moore that it is easier for cops to catch suspected criminals when they run if their pants are below their waists, drawing laughter from Moore and the entire room.

Turning to more serious issues unrelated to pants and fashion police, NPU-D Chairman Jim Martin said that the Water Conservation Board still has asked citizens to be cautious in their water usage. “We do have a drought going on,” said Martin.

Karl Smith-Davids, planner for NPU-D discussed the Home Atlanta Assistance program and said it is still looking to help provide grant money and downpayment assistance to individuals looking to buy a home.

“A slow down has come, as people aren’t looking to buy houses right now with the mortgage industry in disarray,” he said. “But the HAA is still looking to help people with assistance,” he added.

Michael Schaefer of BMDLogisitcs gave a presentation about the Enclave at Riverside Village, a residential development at 2145 Bolton Road. “We have sold four units, with those people moving in, in September,” he said.

“Inside the perimeter growth in Atlanta is not slowing down,” Schaefer reported. “People are moving into the city. There might be a slowdown outside of Atlanta, but inside the Perimeter, people are realizing you can find affordable housing that is much more convenient,” he said.

Turning to agenda items requiring a vote, a number of ordinance were approved, including a rezoning for Omar Gallan’s property to allow for a conversion of an existing deck into a sunroom.

Randall Shulin’s property at 2525 Forrest Avenue was approved to be subdivided into two lots.

Also, a number of properties were changed in how they were zoned, in accordance with the proposed land use proposals as part of the 2008 Comprehensive Development Plan. The land use zoning designations changed for more than 15 properties in NPU-D.