To the editor:

Fed up with picking up and throwing away the (Sandy Springs Reporter), I opened it up to get the number to complain. I ended up reading the paper throughout and was very impressed with the format and professionalism and the content.

The Morgan Falls Dam article (August 10) is just outstanding. The fisheye lens photo and the details of the operation and history of the dam is very impressive.

As a golf specialist at Sports Authority, I spent a lot of time at the Blue Heron Golf Club correcting my slice, but had no idea that I was actually in the middle of such a historic setting. (I) can’t wait to bring the grand children here to inhale this atmosphere.

I will be volunteering for the big river cleanup on Sept. 29.

As a resident of Huntcliff, we are so lucky that everything we need now and in the future is just 15 minutes away.

From now on, I will look forward to picking up and reading the Reporter. Keep up the good work.

Walter R. Lang

Sandy Springs