By Katie Fallon

One of the Sandy Springs Police Department’s own internal affairs investigators is now under investigation herself after a DUI arrest on Aug. 19.

Sgt. Tanya Smith, who has been with Sandy Springs police since last February, is now out on bond after being arrested in the Canton city limits around 3 a.m. that Sunday. The arrest came after she was stopped at a Georgia State Patrol roadblock.

Cherokee County State Court Administrator Lynn Epps said Smith’s attorney has rescheduled her court case and as of press time, a date to appear in the county’s State Court had not yet been scheduled. She originally received an arraignment date for Aug. 30 when she was released on bond.

State patrol spokesman Senior Tpr. Larry Schnall stressed that Smith was fully cooperative when she was stopped and did not try to get out of the situation because of her status as a law enforcement officer.

“She was given a sobriety test,” Schnall said. “She admitted to drinking earlier and failed the roadside sobriety tests.”

In the field, sobriety tests can range from a number of processes such as walking a straight line, reciting the alphabet or taking a breathalyzer test. Schnall said although Smith admitted drinking earlier in the evening, it is not known where she had been drinking. He also said she did not have any passengers in her car.

Furthermore, Schnall said Smith refused to take the state administered chemical test when she arrived at the Cherokee jail. Thusly, there is no recorded blood alcohol count for Smith. The state standard for establishing a DUI is a blood alcohol count of 0.08 or greater.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jay Baker confirmed Smith arrived at the Cherokee jail at 4 a.m. and was released on bond at 5:17 a.m. Her bond was for $1,470.

Smith is currently on administrative leave while the Sandy Springs Police Department conducts its own investigation.