Trash Talker called the Sandy Springs Reporter during the week of Sept. 10-16 to report that “at least a thousand bags” from Schwan’s meal delivery service had been dumped along Georgia 400, starting at the northbound entrance ramp at Northridge and continuing up to the bridge over the Chattahoochee River. This caller said he routinely cleans up trash along Roberts Drive and around the Northridge / 400 interchange. He was urged to put his feelings about this into a letter to the editor.

To the editor:

Well Mr. Schaffner, litter apathy is manifest in the North Sandy Springs community. A few anecdotes from Sunday (Sept. 16):

While someone made a half-hearted attempt to remove Schwan’s bag litter from the Northridge 400 ramp, it just was not adequate. Any bag that was not discernible from the immediate right of way was not removed (see photos).

Your Trash Talker gathered a few hundred bags from the berm of the road. After gathering the bags in hand, I stood at the intersection of Northridge and Roberts Road and attempted to give each automobile occupant who stopped at the light, a Schwan’s bag to call and complain ( Phone number on the bag 1-888-724-9267 ).

After a half hour of this activity, not a single automobile occupant even acknowledged my request. One can only assume since most of the cars appeared to be coming from Sunday church service, they were smitten with the holy spirit instead of the community spirit. Blank stares abounded as if to say “What won’t these homeless people think of next?”

Since the bags could not be distributed to concerned citizens they were transitioned to the Sandy Springs city manager’s office where they are once again unsightly litter that I don’t have to look at.

The photos of the 400 ramp don’t illustrate how visibly and ecologically offensive this really is.

This egregious incident has given wings to a commercial enterprise that may have some merit.

Trash Talker is starting a trash transitioning service. Got an unsightly sofa someone dumped

in your neighborhood? Maybe Eva (Mayor Galambos) and the gang can use it for relaxing after council meetings? Call Trash Talker and it will be transitioned.

Got a couple hundred thousand cigarette butts that have been dumped in front of your street, a method will be developed to transition the filters into Red Cross bandages. Call Trash Talker!

On my regular pick up from Dunwoody Springs Elementary to the south side of Northridge, interesting sociological trends are emerging.

(1) Parliament brand cigarettes are still the number one litter pick up but the big brawny Camel filter packs are displacing Marlboro lights. Is Parliament that popular a cigarette?

(2) Considerably more Wendy’s litter is picked up than any other fast food. One can only assume that Wendy’s is more popular or their patrons are more ill-litterate. This trend has been holding steady for the past six months.

(3) Hub cap reclamation has been down in the summer months but should pick up in late December through February.

(4) The beer drinking Neanderthals are at it again. Cans are a non- issue, several methods are available for quick retrieval. But the individual that slings 12 & 24 bottle cases from their vehicle needs counseling. Broken bottles in deteriorating cardboard are extremely hard to reclaim. If the miscreants had to clean their mess up one time, they would never do it again.

One final note:

Pity the poor office complex that doesn’t have 24-hour dumpster surveillance. Here’s a little number from a wayward dumpster in a nice North Sandy Springs office complex. Construction people are drawn to these dumping opportunities like addicts to free heroin. The word spreads quickly and the dump site is soon exploited to the point that close counts when you dump and run. By the way, take a peek behind a dumpster and your head will swoon and your stomach churn. All the refuse which is never picked up is fostering some really exotic strains of bacteria and malevolent biota that you don’t want to know about—a health hazard extraordinaire.

Sandy Springs has laws and ordinances to prohibit littering and dumping. How can the populace be energized to encourage city government to get serious about enforcement? The Schwan’s littering incident should be an easy fix, boycott the company until every single bag is removed and compensation is offered.

Need some trash transitioned to City Hall? You know who to call: Trash Talker.