To the editor:

On the very day Sandy Springs City Councilman Dave Greenspan resigned his office to take a job out of state, lifelong Dekalb County and Dunwoody resident Trey Ragsdale, a career political operative, a former intern in the Clinton White House and former Democratic Senate staffer, announced his intention to run for the vacant seat. Simultaneous with the Greenspan resignation, Councilwoman Ashley Jenkins and the resigning Dave Greenspan publicly endorsed Ragsdale as the “best qualified” to represent the District. As the Saturday Night Live Church Lady might say, “how conveeenient.”

Based on the way this was politically orchestrated, and given Ragsdale’s political experience, my guess is that he worked in concert with these two council members to put his campaign in place, draft his press releases and when all was ready, Greenspan pulled the trigger timing his resignation so as to discourage others from mounting a campaign. It’s nice to have friends in high places.

This is not the way we hoped the new City of Sandy Springs would operate. Many of us who voted to become a city did so because we wanted transparency in government and hoped for the honesty and the openness from our public officials we never received from Fulton County. Instead, we’re getting these cynical, back room schemes. This is the old Fulton County political cronyism we all despised. It was wrong then and it is wrong now! And the worst thing is we are also being handed a $50,000 bill to pay for the cost of the special election. Thank you, Dave.

People I know who know Trey Ragsdale tell me he is a nice young man and I’m sure he is but this scheme does not do him credit. It is my hope that the residents of Sandy Springs City District 1 will recognize this quick draw election for what it is and despite this attempt to limit their choices, find a solid candidate who has truly lived in their community and understands what it means to fight Fulton County. Sandy Springs has so much potential, but we will never realize it if we continue this kind of awful political cronyism that defined the worst in Fulton County bureaucracy and government.

David Davis

Sandy Springs