By Katie Fallon

Although the Fulton County School Board voted Nov. 6 for Riverwood High School Principal Eddie Echols to assume dual leadership roles with North Springs High School, that decision may now be in jeopardy.

Following the retirement of North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences Principal Dr. Vicky Ferguson, the school board announced Echols would assume the principal role at both high schools.

Following Ferguson’s last day at North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences, on Nov. 16, Echols was to assume her position at a school less than five miles from Riverwood.

The School Board was scheduled to vote on rescinding the decision to give Echols’ the dual leadership duties at its Nov. 15 meeting, however the vote came after this paper’s press deadline. Consequently, we are unable to report the results of the vote in this article. Please visit our web site at for an update on the final decision.

Echols was to be supported in his unusual role by North Springs’ Associate Principal Debra Mosley and by Riverwood’s Associate Principal Kari Schrock.

Together, both high schools house all four of the magnet programs offered by Fulton County Schools. Those programs include International Studies, Mathematics, Science and Performing and Visual Arts.

Riverwood is also on track to achieve its own charter status and will soon become Riverwood International Charter School.

Sandy Springs’ school board representative Gail Dean said she approved the change.

“Eddie Echols is the perfect person to take the leadership of our Sandy Springs high schools,” she said. “I have great confidence in him and have seen his success at Riverwood.”

In a letter to the parents and students of both schools, Superintendent James Wilson and Area Superintendent Leonard Box said Echols will be speaking to various community stakeholders from each school in the coming weeks and months.

In making the announcement, Wilson said details on what will make the change a successful collaboration will come from families and teachers from both schools.