To the editor:

From $ 25,000 to $275,000, WOW!

Point 1: It is ridiculous. To get a $ 25,000 dog park we are going to spend $275,000? All that is needed for a dog park is a fence, and some water, and perhaps some trees for people shade and sitting.

Point 2: Parking for 70 cars? That is ridiculous. I have been to over 20 dog parks. There is never that many people at any dog park, including the city favorite, most popular, Piedmont Park.

Point 3: I want to know what Ridgeview is going to be used for now.

Point 4: $50,000 (taken) away from our roads (fund)? That is nuts too! Do these elected officials not drive in Sandy Springs?

Point 5: Less than an acre for large dogs? That is nuts as well! It is very inappropriate in size. How can 10 or 12 dogs run in less than an acre?

Point 6: In the meeting it was stated that we were promised the dog park in the spring. What the Mayor actually said was in the early fall. We have passed that.

Point 7: If it must be at Morgan Falls, the least amount of potential harm for the environment is Plan B. It also costs less, and has an entrance and exit. The (Sandy Springs) Conservancy and (Georgia Tech) rowing team also support Plan B.

Katherine Fein