Letter to the Editor:

Tom Andrews’ column used my name and comments incorrectly (Is it school redistricting or gerrymandering? Sandy Springs Reporter, Dec. 14).

(1) I have not endorsed any one school’s boundaries during this redistricting process. I have intentionally remained silent during the redistricting process allowing residents and school board staff to draw those boundaries absent political pressure from the Sandy Springs City Council.

Boundaries should be drawn in a manner for all schools to succeed. Only when all schools succeed do all children in Sandy Springs succeed.

(2) My comment “Even if you do not have children in the public schools, your home value is affected by the public schools” is meant to motivate ALL of our residents to be involved in the redistricting process.

Redistricting does not just impact residents with children in the public school system. Redistricting impacts your home value whether you are in your 30’s with two small children or in your 70’s with no children. We need all schools to succeed to keep our home prices competitive with neighboring jurisdictions such as Dunwoody, East Cobb, and the Sarah Smith school district in Atlanta.

The City of Sandy Springs needs all schools to succeed so that as a City we can continue to attract Fortune 500 companies to our area. Great public schools are a big draw for companies and their executives when relocating to Metro Atlanta. Sandy Springs must be competitive in this area.

Ashley Jenkins

Sandy Springs City Council