Residents of three major condominiums in Buckhead are banding together to try and form a new neighborhood association, which would allow them to gain representation on the board of Neighborhood Planning Unit-B.

At present residents in vertical condo developments do not have representation on NPU boards in the city. But residents in the Grandview Condominiums, Villa at Buckhead Heights and the Oaks at Buckhead are trying to change that and may open the door for other condominium owners.

If 60 percent of the condo-owning residents from the three buildings agree through a petition, then the new neighborhood association will be formed, giving the residents a seat on the NPU-B’s board. That would give these residents in vertical developments the same voice in community affairs as other single-family home neighborhoods.

Reportedly, members of NPU-B and Atlanta City Councilmember Howard Shook have advised the condo owners on officially recognizing the neighborhood to give it a seat on the board.

Considering the number of existing and developing vertical condo projects in Buckhead, this move by the three adjacent condos could set a precedent for additional new neighborhood being established in order to gain a voice at the table where zoning and, development and quality of life decisions are made.

Other potential new neighborhoods could involve condos in the re-developing Streets of Buckhead, along the Peachtree Road corridor and along Lindbergh Avenue.