When the Sandy Springs Reporter and Buckhead Reporter started publishing one year ago, our goals were to produce well-written and well-designed publications that focused on local issues and life in their respective communities. We also wanted to sell enough advertising to make it a viable business. What we’ve seen and heard over the past 12 months suggest that Reporter Newspapers are on their way to meeting — and exceeding — those seemingly modest objectives.

Readers in both communities tell us that the Reporter has become their favorite local paper. (To reach more residents, circulation has increased to 50,000 copies every other week.) Reader feedback in the form of letters, comments and story ideas has grown noticeably — along with the number of ads from a wide variety of businesses.

Our coverage of local issues has been noticed by government officials and community leaders. In Buckhead, a proposed trail design through the historic Tanyard Creek Park was impacted by our series of stories chronicling local residents’ concerns. In Sandy Springs, the Reporter provided extensive coverage of the city’s efforts to establish a dog park, pass a tree ordinance and adopt a comprehensive development plan. In addition to news stories, the papers also shined a light on some overlooked local historic sites such as Glenridge Hall and Morgan Falls Dam in Sandy Springs and Harmony Grove Cemetery in Buckhead.

We are also proud of the public safety stories in every issue — from guns (the new Glock 45s carried by Sandy Springs Police) to butter (a fundraising pancake breakfast at Fire Station 21 in Buckhead). Many readers tell us one of their favorite features is the Police Blotter (they especially like SSPD Lt. Steve Rose’s wit and wisdom). Also, residents in both communities have gotten to know their first responders with our ongoing series, “Know Your Protector”.

Through these and all of our stories, we remain focused on the people who shape and share in the lives of our communities. They are your friends, your neighbors, even yourselves. We want our pages to reflect the diversity and energy of the places you call home.

As our second year of publishing begins, we look forward to covering and connecting with more of the communities served by the Reporter. As always, we appreciate hearing from you. Tell us how we’re doing — and what we can do better. Thank you, readers and advertisers, for helping to make our first year successful.

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