Editor’s Notes
John F. Schaffner

Recently I was invited to speak to the quarterly meeting of the Glenridge Hammond Neighborhood Association. It was a blustery, stormy evening and those attending the meeting may have thought I was a little too blustery with my remarks.

The association asked me to speak about how I felt the two-year-old city of Sandy Springs was doing. But I also knew the association was involved in heavy discussions and negotiations with developers over plans to greatly expand the Lakeside office complex on Glenridge Drive into a mixed-use development, with office towers, apartments, a hotel and retail that will have much greater density than the present development and is projected to add 3,000 car trips at rush hour to Glenridge Drive.

I knew they also wanted me to address development in the city and I did. I forewarned them they might not like all that I would have to say. However, I can say that the group, whether they agreed with what I was saying or not, was courteous and seemed appreciative that I came to speak.

I, too, was appreciative, because it gave me an opportunity to explain firsthand the operations and philosophy of our Sandy Springs Reporter newspaper.

With our small news staff, we keep relatively busy covering meetings, conducting interviews and chasing stories. But, when time permits, I welcome the opportunity to spend some face time in the neighborhoods, attending meetings and even speaking to groups from time to time.

That is what community newspapering is all about. So, we hope you will invite us to meet with you soon.