NPU-B board member Cathy Muzzy warned fellow board members to pay close attention to any news they get about the BeltLine

Muzzy, who represents the NPU on the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board, told the NPU board about snafus on both the West End trail and the Tanyard Creek Park trail.

Muzzy said, “All kinds of people went through all sorts of work to get a reasonable compromise between PATH (Foundation) and the BeltLine and the neighborhood about where the Tanyard Creek trail would was going to go when ABI (Atlanta BeltLine Inc.) called a meeting and told the neighborhoods and the study groups not to bring their consultants with them and announced that they didn’t care what the compromise was, they were going to put it where they wanted to anyway.”

Muzzy added, “Therefore, there is extremely bad blood floating around about the BeltLine.”

She said that for anyone who lives in areas where the BeltLine will impact, “It is really, really important to get people to those study groups and pay attention to what they are planning. Right now, they are not consulting anybody at all. They are driving everybody crazy,” she stated.

The only areas of NPU-B that are touched by the BeltLine are around Armour Circle and one area that juts up to Morasco, which board member Sally Silver explained was there because “otherwise they could not benefit from that TAD (tax allocation district).”

Muzzy said that an interesting side note is that “according to the feds, you cannot have rail running through a federally funded park, which is going to set the BeltLine back for a long time while they figure out where they are going to put anything.”

–John Schaffner