Do you feel that Valentine’s Day is simply a commercial holiday? What do you do, if anything, to celebrate it?
Asked in front of the shops at Abernathy Square.

“It’s good to be considered in terms of it being a special day, but then every day should be a special day for your lover. You should have a special day for that. I don’t think it should be considered a commercial holiday; it should be a day about people who care for each other, a special day for lovers.”
Teddy Cabrals

“Every holiday now is commercialized, not just Valentine’s. It’s just the media and the stores; all you can find is valentines and more valentines everywhere.”
Mohamed Hernza

“I think it’s a commercial holiday: I’ve been married 13 years. I feel for (single) people because it puts so much pressure on them. It puts pressure on couples to buy flowers for the wrong reasons because it’s a holiday verses you want to do it. We celebrate it by either going to dinner somewhere nice or I’ll fix a special dinner. My husband brings me roses and I’ll get him something like a gift certificate.”
Kim Duncan

“I’ll buy cards, flowers, chocolates. I don’t think it’s commercial. It’s a day that we reflect on the one that’s special in our life: it’s a way of paying them back for how special they are.”
Lonnie Dixon