The following is a letter sent through to the Sandy Springs Reporter as well as to the e-mail lists for neighborhoods in Sandy Springs, especially those in the I-285/Georgia 400 corridors. It is printed from the viewpoint of those organizations mentioned in the text of the letter.

Dear Neighbors,

Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods, Glenridge-Hammond Neighborhood Association and High Point Civic Association ask that you join us in opposing a proposed redevelopment of the Lakeside office complex on Glenridge Drive located north of I-285 and south of Hammond Park.

The proposal includes two new 16-story office towers (final total of 1.1 million square feet of office space) with an additional 10,000 to 11,000 vehicle trips per day — an increase of approximate 50 percent in this area. It also includes a 300-unit apartment building, a 200-room, 8-story hotel and 50,000 square feet of retail space along Glenridge Drive.

The developer’s proposal includes minor road and I-285 ramp expansions that are at best a “band-aid” and do not effectively address the additional vehicle trips that the petitioners say will be added to the daily Perimeter traffic jam.

If this plan is approved, and these minor adjustments prove insufficient, guess who will have to pay to fix this larger problem?

Can the Perimeter area of Sandy Springs really handle another 10,000 to 11,000 vehicle trips per day?

Please support our neighborhoods as we fight against this due to its inappropriate density, the inadequate roads for the traffic it will generate and the character change it brings by introducing retail along Glenridge Drive.

For more information on this visit the Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods website <> . The homepage has a Lakeside article and you can also sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter.

Here’s how you can help. Please do your part:

Send a simple e-mail to the city’s Planning and Zoning Department Your e-mail will be given to the Mayor and City Council when they receive their packets of information for the zoning meeting. These need to be sent no later than 2 weeks before the meeting to get into these packets (send by 3/4/08 for the 3/18/08 City Council meeting).

All you need to say is:

“Dear Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission: I strongly oppose the density and traffic related to the proposed Lakeside project (RZ07-021/U07-008/CV07-020 (DRI). Vote to oppose this application.”

Add anything else you want. Include your name and put “Oppose Lakeside” in the subject line.