The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


200 block of Johnson Ferry Road, 30328 – A man came into the Goodwill Store shortly after 9:00 p.m. and pulled a gun on an employee; he then forced her to hand over cash. The suspect is described as an African American male with a dark complexion, 5’11”, about 220 lbs, about 35 years old. He was wearing white shirt and black pants and had a black or dark bandana over his face. He was also wearing a red and purple long-hair wig, which I guess he wore so he’d blend in. Although the doors were locked, the suspect was able to force entry into the store.

TIP: If you are working in a retail business, you might want to think about making 2-3 daily deposits, depending on your cash flow, to avoid having a lot of cash on hand. Also, go and look at your physical hardware locking those doors. Think about an active audible alarm you can activate while you’re closed but still counting money and closing up and most vulnerable. You should be able to activate it from the office. Here’s the scenario, you have the video and you see the man in the red and purple wig forcing his way in the door so you activate the audible alarm, audible in this case meaning very loud outside the building. At the same time you hit the “911” on speed dial and maybe release the door opener to the cage holding back the Rotweillers. Wouldn’t that be nice and you’d have it on video for years of enjoyment. Video is always good and we make a lot of arrests on video evidence to support the other evidence.

6000 block of Roswell Road, 30328 – The Subway Store was robbed around 9:30 p.m. by two African American males. During the robbery, the employee activated the panic button. The men jumped the counter and took an undetermined amount of money, and then ran out. One is described as light-skinned, tall, wearing a red hat and black gloves and jacket. The second is described as short, wearing a black shirt and pants and a black hat with the letter “P” in gold. Both appeared to be in their twenties. They were possibly driving an older four-door black Honda that may have been parked behind the business. During the investigation, the officers found that the panic button did not work, nor did the video system. How can businesses let this kind of stuff go unattended? It’s ridiculous.


1600 block of Huntingdon Chase, 30350 – Someone entered the victim’s residence and took a Gateway laptop. Neighbors said they saw two African American males standing in the breezeway near the victim’s apartment. The men drove up in a dark blue or black Ford Crown Victoria. When they saw the witness, they immediately began knocking on the door and then asked the witness if she knew “Cindy.”

1400 block of Windridge Drive, 30350 – Someone entered the victim’s apartment without forced entry and took two televisions, a foot stool and several other items.

8000 block of Roswell Road, 30350 – Patrol officers reported an alarm and then burglary at the Fine Garment Care Store. Someone forced the side door and then took about $30 from the register.

TIP: Don’t leave hundreds of dollars in the cash register overnight. If you have the business broken into, most meth and crack bozos will take the twenty bucks and leave without looking and damaging the business further. (The automatic Rotweiller release might play out well here too.)

7000 block of Roswell Road, 30328 – Apartment burglary – Someone cut the back window screen and entered the victim’s residence and took his computer and related items. The loss was just more than $3,000.

5000 block of Roswell Road, 30328 – The “112-VIP Barbershop” reported a burglary. Someone forced the front doors and then took four flat-screen televisions.

“Probably Not Going to Get a Lot of Sympathy” Category

A man reported he placed a vehicle boot on a car that was parked illegally. He talked to the owner of the car and explained that the boot would be removed when he paid the fine. Apparently the owner of the car had other plans. When the boot owner returned, the car and his boot were gone.

A nurse reported a stolen purse from Northside Hospital at one of the nursing stations.

TIP: You really need to secure, meaning lock it down somewhere, a purse in an office environment, especially one as busy as a nurse’s station or other public area. This victim said she was gone only one minute.

Answers from Lt. Steve Rose

To Lt. Steve:

I was driving up 400 and a cop stopped me for speeding. There was traffic to my right so I pulled over to the left against the median wall. The officer was agitated with me and I didn’t like his attitude. I couldn’t pull over to the right because of the traffic. What should I have done? Was I dumb to do that?

Dear Dummy: Having been there myself, I’m guessing the officer was a bit on the agitated side knowing that he was about to be run over. The only thing that would fit in that lane is a clown car so I’m sure half of yours and the cop’s car, which of course is behind yours and will be the first one hit, was sticking out there to be hit by one of our fine drivers who just may be on his or her cell phone, texting something insignificant that could have waited.

Here is what you do, stick your hand out of your driver’s window and wave to acknowledge that you see the blue lights. Make sure you wave with all of your fingers. Turn on your right turn signal and then cautiously ease over to the right, lane to lane, taking as much time and distance as you need to do it safely. As long as you’re not changing lanes at 80 MPH the officer won’t be alarmed.

To Lt. Steve:

What kind of drunk-tests do they give when you get pulled over?

Field sobriety tests, commonly referred to by officers as “FSTs”, are simply a series of exercises designed in theory to test balance, coordination and divided attention (the ability to do two things at once). There are more than a dozen such tests, which have been used to varying degrees, the more common among them being one-leg-stand, walk-and-turn, nystagmus (following an object like a pen or finger from side-to-side with your eyes), the Rhomberg test (also called “modified position of attention”), hand-pat, finger-to-nose, fingers-to-thumb and alphabet recitation. If the driver has a mullet, additional tests may include reciting the words to “Free Bird.” Also taken into consideration is the physical appearance of the driver. For instance, if the driver is lying face down on the horn, or urinating out the driver’s window, this too would indicate he may be a “less-safe” driver.