What do you think about the city of Sandy Springs putting a dog park at Morgan Falls Park?
Asked at Hammond Park

“There’s a lot of people who live in apartments around there and I think the dog park would be good for them so they can walk their dogs and socialize.”
Daniela Velez

“It’s great for people who have dogs. It gives the dogs somewhere to run without a leash. The leash laws are pretty strict so I think it’s nice for people with dogs to have somewhere they can take them and let them off the leash.”
Ruth Bridgers

“It’s wonderful. I was born and raised in Sandy Springs and I used to fish a lot down near the dam. I think it sounds great. It’s nice to be able to let a dog run around without a leash.”
Pete Bagiatis

“There’s not many dog parks. The only one I bring my dog to is Piedmont Park, so that’d be great to have an additional one to go to, something new.”
David Queen