Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I read the article entitled “Why do we allow grass clippings to end up in streets?” with some interest. I, too, have always been annoyed by people dumping clippings and other debris into or near the storm drains.

I have been an environmental attorney for 10 years–5 years in Atlanta, Georgia and 5 years in Houston, Texas.

Dumping the waste into either the sewer system or the storm drainage system is a violation of the Clean Water Act; in places like Houston, Harris County, it is also a violation of similar county-level laws.

The problem in Fulton County seems one of enforcement. In Houston, Harris County, there was a county level task force (criminal and civil) that enforced enforce environmental laws. I am not aware of any such agency/task force in Sandy Springs either on a county or city level.

Jim Langlais
Alston & Bird, LLP