The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1900 block of Hampton Drive, 30350 – A man said he and several other victims were in a car when another car described as a red SUV, backed into another space. A man got out and pulled a gun. A second man then approached the car. They robbed the victims of their wallets and purses. Suspects: light skinned black male, 5-9” and 190 lbs wearing a black jacket, holding a silver or chrome semi-auto pistol. The second man was described as a black male in a white T-shirt.

2500 block of Spring Creek Lane, 30350 – A woman reported two men attempted to get inside her apartment. She said someone rang the doorbell so she asked what they wanted. Someone replied, however, she could not understand them. When she opened the door, the men tried to get in, however, they were unsuccessful. She described one of the men as a black male who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. He held a silver handgun. The second suspect was a black male with a hooded sweatshirt and a baggy green shirt underneath.

6000 block of Roswell Road, 30328 – A man reported that around 11:30 p.m. he was at the Bank of America ATM when a black male, about 6-0” wearing all black with a blue bandana over his face pulled a gun and took his wallet and $100 cash.

*Unless you absolutely have to, don’t go to the ATM after dark. Think ahead; get your cash when the sun’s still up.


6600 block of Roswell Road, 30328 – Someone broke the window and then entered the Essence Hair Salon. The burglar went to a particular work station that was assigned to a man who, oddly enough, had been arrested on the same day on a probation warrant. Officers found some evidence of drugs at the work station. *I’m sure there’s a good story there.

6500 block of Vernon Woods Drive, 30328 – Someone broke into the Dorothy Benson Senior Center. They opened a glass pane and then apparently took some computers.

North Harris Ridge, 30327 – The resident reported that sometime during the night, someone threw a rock through a kitchen window and then entered the kitchen. A security guard found two bags, belonging to the victim, on Harris Trail. She found two additional bags in her car in the garage.


7500 block of Roswell Road, 30350 – The victim said he was eating at Logo’s Deli and Pub. While he was eating, he placed his gym bag on the floor next to him. When he got up to pay, the bag and contents were gone. His wallet, cash and credit cards were in the bag.

*When you have a bag, like in this case, place one of the legs of the chair between where the straps connect to the bag so that if someone pulled on it, the leg would catch it. If you get up, that bag should go with you. Place the bag between the legs of the chair and not outside of the perimeter of the table. That way, if someone pulls on it, you’re going with them.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Highway, 30328 – A woman reported that someone went into her locker at the LA Fitness Gym and took her car keys. The locker was unlocked at the time.

Another victim at the LA Fitness said her keys were also stolen. The thief took the keys, found her car, took it, stole several items from it, and then returned it to another parking spot nearby. She is missing an $800 Movado Watch, a Coach purse, Burberry sunglasses worth $200 and a make up bag and make up valued at $350. *What she didn’t have was a $5 lock.

Fraud & Forgery/ID Theft

700 block of Hammond Drive, 30328 – Demario Wayne Austin, 25, of Creekview Drive in Rex, GA was arrested just before 11:00 p.m. after a disturbance between him and the guy who booted his car. He was given a copy of charges to appear in court in April.

200 block of Johnson Ferry Road, 30328 – Elizabeth Dobson, 34, of Sandalwood Drive in Sandy Springs, was arrested at the Target Store after she attempted to leave after taking 4 CD’s and some makeup, and then walking past the checkout without payment.


A man called and said he received an e-mail telling him he, the victim, has a friend who will pay him (suspect e-mailer) to kill him (the e-mail recipient). The e-mailer said he wants the victim to pay him cash in exchange for divulging the name of the friend who wants the victim killed. The e-mailer wants $15,000 for the “taped” conversation with the hit man. If he doesn’t pay, the hit will go on as scheduled.

This one pops up from time to time. The e-mail contains the word “killer” in it and I guess somewhere they find people dumb enough to fall for it, but it really looks hokey from the start.