To the editor,

I am sometimes asked by visitors to the Atlanta History Center if there is a CW (Civil War) battlefield any where in Atlanta. I kindly respond that the areas upon which the battles of Atlanta were fought lay right along the path of the city’s development, but yes, there still remains a very nice place they can see a meadow where a dedicated battle took place. I direct them to Tanyard Creek Park, knowing that they will find serenity and history.

At one time Tanyard Park suffered from benign neglect, but is now rather spiffed up and looking proud, only to be violated by a proposed decision from individuals who most likely have never taken a dog to the meadow for Frisbee or an illicit bath in the stream.

I wonder if they know that Generals Walthall, Walker and Loring attempted to hold this area against the forces of destruction that ultimately prevailed in 1964. Can’t they see there is no urgency to do something that does not need to be done anyway?

Preserve this meadow. Listen to the people’s voice. The BeltLine was supposed to be about community. What happened? Go back to the table, spend the money if necessary, in this case even sacrifice a few trees, but save Tanyard (Creek) Park.

Alice Brown Pickett

924 Hall Place, N.W.