Would you like to see the city have an indoor performing arts center? Where should it be?
Comments taken at the Fountain Oaks Plaza.

“I don’t have a problem with it; how would they allocate the budget? Is it between a city arts center and infrastructural improvements? I’d prefer infrastructure, but I understand the need for an arts center. The Sandy Springs Circle area is pretty central.”
Stephen Brichant

“Why not have one locally in Sandy Springs just because Buckhead and midtown have them? I think (the community) would be incomplete (without one) especially for the young people who are interested in that field. If you have a local community theater you can have programs where they can have plays all year.”
René Buitron

“I think they should have one. Opposite the little house at Mt. Vernon behind Target or at Hammond Park. Hammond Park’s a perfect setting. There’s parking, trees; it’s nice and it’s pretty central for Sandy Springs. ”
David Lurie

“It would be nice but who’s going to fund it? And it depends on how big it’s going to be. I think at the amphitheater just outside 285, somewhere on those grounds. Otherwise you’d have to get some land and start from scratch.”
Wayne Smith