By C. Julia Nelson

Left-hand turns from Dunwoody Club onto Spalding Drive are problematic at best.

After a review of all intersections in Sandy Springs, the two intersections of Dunwoody Club at Spalding Drive and Spalding at Roberts Drive combined were identified as one of the top 25 problem areas for traffic in the city. Based on safety issues and traffic delays, the city has developed several potential solutions for the area.

During a second public meeting to explore potential solutions, consultant Beth Ann Marks of LPA Group Inc., and transportation planner Mark Moore of Sandy Springs outlined three traffic remedies as well as projected costs and five- and 20-year level of service (LOS) projections for each. Held at Dunwoody Springs Charter School, the public meeting drew about 50 people who debated the pros and cons of each solution.

The first option would add a traffic signal at Dunwoody Club and Spalding and a right hand turn lane from westbound Spalding to northbound Roberts Drive. The estimated cost is about $650,000 and would take about three to six months to construct. LOS delays would remain at an F rating, the worst rating possible.

Option two included moving Dunwoody Club 100 feet east, adding a signal at Dunwoody Club and Spalding, and encompassing the right turn lane from Spalding to Roberts as well as widening Roberts Road to add a dual left turn from southbound Roberts to eastbound Spalding. This option would cost about $2 million and would take about a year to construct; LOS projections would average a C rating in 2013 and drop to F by 2033.

Options one and two would incorporate the new signal at Dunwoody Club into the Roberts/Spalding intersection.

“From a fiscally responsible standpoint, I think two is the best option,” Moore said.

The final option involved relocating Dunwoody Club 700 feet to the east, adding a traffic signal at Spalding and disrupting several residential properties. This would create a separate intersection for Dunwoody Club at Spalding about an eighth mile east of Roberts Drive. It would also include widening Roberts and adding a dual left-hand turn onto eastbound Spalding. Estimated to cost about $4 million, option three would take about a year to construct. The projected LOS would improve to Cs and As by 2013 and F (for Spalding at Roberts) and A/B (for Dunwoody Club at Spalding) by 2033.

Sandy Springs City Council Dist. 1 Representative Doug MacGinnitie said council is committed to finding a solution and seeking federal funding to support the project, which at this time has no set timeframe for action.

“It is clearly one of the worst intersections in our city,” MacGinnitie said. “My hope would be certainly before five years, there would be funding for this project.”

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