How would you like to see the city improve Hammond Park?
Asked inside the Hammond Park gymnasium.

“I think a pool would be a good benefit for the community. We need to build a community around the city. The more things you have where people can get together from different neighborhoods the more you have a community.”
Sally Barnes

“They need to modernize it a little with better restrooms; a bigger gymnasium would be nice. Maybe they could add an area where parents could watch as their kids take gymnastics or an indoor playground for the little kids.”
Michelle Mittleman

“Whatever’s built will be used. It would be nice to have a bigger space (for gymnastics) as far as for sound so the kids won’t get so distracted (from overlapping classes).”
Suzanne Hurwitz

“They should really work hard at trying to get an air conditioning system in the gymnasium. There’s not enough air circulation; I think the whole facility should be air-conditioned.”
Octavia Miranda