The Sandy Springs Police, working with the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force (SSTF), raided a party April 7 at the former club La Movida, 6600 Roswell Road, which resulted in the arrest of a person suspected of being one of the leaders of a local gang and several people being cited for alcohol and city permit violations.

Sandy Springs Chief of Police Gene Wilson told members of the city council the following evening that information had been put on the Internet advertising a large party, and soliciting underage patrons, at the facility to coincide with spring break.

“Some of the people putting it on apparently had local gang affiliations,” Wilson said. “This apparently was sort of a recruitment party, which was sort of a shock, since there were 12, 13 and 14-year-olds there. Alcohol was readily available.” Between 150 to 200 juveniles attended the party, according to the police report.

The business had been sold to a company named Money Incorporated and a temporary operating license had been approved in November for the business to operate under the name of Antro. However, the license had never been picked up and therefore was not posted on premises as required by law. The only license available when the officers arrived was one that had expired in February.

The two people who organized and promoted the party, Brandon McCann and Shannon Tubbs, were charged with disorderly conduct (contributing to the delinquency of minors) due to the access to alcoholic beverages by under-aged patrons.

According to the Sandy Springs police report, when the detectives arrived the asked to see the manager and Daniel Uribe indentified himself as the manager. The detectives asked if any alcohol was being served and were told there was not. Upon investigation, it was determined that two of the three coolers at the party were stocked with Corona and Budweiser beer. None of the three employees had current pouring permits.

“We feel like it was a really good arrest and surveillance,” Wilson told council members. “Two guns and $1,200 were confiscated.”

The chief said he felt a dent was made in the gang leadership in the area. “If the person (referring to 22-year-old Tubbs) that we got is everything that we think he is, and it would appear he is that and more, it looks like we will clear a fair amount of armed robberies,” Wilson said. “The young man was fairly well armed. He had a 9mm and a .38.”

Sandy Springs has two gang investigators (Jeff Thomas and Jeff Byrd) working with the FBI SSTF. This task force is made up of seven FBI agents and seven task force officers both at a local level and at a regional capacity. The other participating agencies are the police departments of Gwinnett and DeKalb counties, Alpharetta and Atlanta.

The officers from each agency work in their respective jurisdictions 90 percent of the time. The FBI will pay for $15,000.00 a year in overtime for each officer. They have also supplied our officers with leased vehicles.

— John Schaffner