Both the chair of Atlanta’s Zoning Review Board, Martha Porter Hall, and Libba Grace, chair of the city’s Board of Zoning Adjustment will speak at the May 21 meeting of the Northwest Community Alliance (NCA) at the Senior Services Center, 1705 Commerce Drive.

Many residents have had experience with neighborhood land use committees and with the Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs), explained NCA chairman Michael Koblentz. “However, many of us have no clue what happens when the variance, text amendment or rezoning proposal goes further along the city review process. What is the role of the planning department? Who can appeal? How is the neighborhood recommendation factored in? This should be a fascinating meeting,” he stated.

Koblentz said the two city board chairs will have opening remarks and then the meeting will be opened up to questions from the audience.

Looking to the future, Koblentz said the NCA will be sponsoring a mayoral debate next year for the major candidates. “We are still in the process of sending out a heads up message to a few of the declared candidates,” he said. “Thus far, we want to thank City Council member Mary Norwood for quickly responding in the affirmative. We think there should be at least one grass-roots forum that will allow neighborhood and business folk to ask questions related to smart growth, development and the preservation of single-family neighborhoods.”

Koblentz added, “The NCA will be fair and certainly will not, and cannot endorse any particular candidate.”