Three Atlanta Police Zone 2 officers answered a 911 call very early Sunday morning May 4 that a man had been seen walking along Peachtree Road near West Wesley brandishing a pistol. The officers reportedly shot and killed Donald Hamilton when he pointed the handgun at them rather than complying with orders to put the gun down.

Hamilton reportedly had been left at a car by friends after he had been kicked out of a Buckhead nightclub. But he wandered off before the friends returned. The shooting occurred right at the corner of Peachtree and West Wesley roads.

After the shooting, it was discovered Hamilton had a second gun in his waistband and an autopsy revealed he also had a pocketknife in the cleft of his buttocks.

Although three police officers wee involved in the incident, it is unclear whether all of them opened fire. The incident is being investigated by the police department’s internal affairs division.

There was some speculation Hamilton wanted police officers to shoot him — an act called “suicide by cop.”