The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


5000 block of Roswell Rd., 30342 – The clerk of the Carniceria Cuernavaca Supermarcado said that around 9 p.m. two men came into the store wearing gray hoodie sweatshirts. One of the men pulled a gun and demanded money. They then fled the store. Video shows one of the hoodies had “USA” on the front and one of the men had a moustache. Another patrol car, in the area circulating after the lookout was given, found a man wearing a hoodie with “USA” on the front walking in the Southern Trace apartments. He was detained and later charged with the robbery. The second suspect is still at large. The arrested man is 21-year-old Oswaldo Campos Mendoza, who lived in the Southern Trace Apartments.

5900 block of Roswell Rd., 30328 – Two employees of the Dollar Store said that after hours they were in the office when a male kicked the door in and pulled a gun, demanding money. After he took the money, he left. They think that the suspect is a former employee.

500 block of Northridge Rd., 30350 – A man and woman said they agreed to meet a man who was interested in buying some jewelry from them for his wife. He wanted to meet them about 10:30 p.m. outside the Empirian at Northridge Apartments. When they showed up, two men robbed them and fled to an older red Chevrolet Blazer and drove away. The suspect with the gun is described as a male, 25-30 years old, medium height, dark, medium length hair, wearing a blue t-shirt with “American Soccer” and logos, jeans. There was no description of the second man. The loss was valued at over $6,800.

*Regardless of what you’re selling but especially something as valuable as jewelry, don’t even think of making arrangements to meet at night like this. Meet at a public place where you’ll have people all around you.


200 block of Winding River Dr., 30350 – Someone kicked the victim’s door in and took several items including a DVD player, two laptop computers and several other items.

900 block of Hammond Dr., 30342 – Someone took two laptops from an office that was closed over the past weekend. A second burglary was discovered in the same building.

7800 block of Roswell Rd., 30350 – A woman reported that someone entered her apartment and did a good deal of vandalism to it instead of stealing from it. She thinks that it may be as a result of a recent argument with someone over a man. (*Men—what would you do without us…don’t answer.)

8800 block of Roswell Rd., 30350 – Someone broke into the victim’s storage unit and took jewelry valued at $500.

300 block of Windsor Pkwy., 30342 – Someone entered the victim’s home by prying a carport window. The victim reported a watch was missing.


Chemin De Vie, 30342 – $4,000 cash was taken from a vase in victim’s house. The vase is used as a hiding place, suspect is a relative.

6200 block of Roswell Rd., 30328 – Someone took an AC unit from behind the Village Cobbler Store. The whole metro area is undergoing a lot of thefts from AC units due to the copper they contain.

5900 block of Roswell Rd., 30328 – The victim said while she was at the Le Font Theater, she placed her wallet on the bathroom counter and someone took it. *That’s about all the report said. Doesn’t say if she forgot it or what — very short report.

200 block of Sandy Springs Pl., 30328 – A woman reported that while she was shopping at the Kroger, she left her purse in her cart while she walked away for a moment. She later noticed that the purse was taken. She is missing cash and various ID.

Forgery-Fraud-ID Theft

8600 block of Roberts Dr., 30350 – A woman reported that a man, whom she knows, took her checking account number, put it on fake checks, and then wrote five checks totaling just under $1,000.

7900 block of Spalding Hills, 30328 – Someone passed a check in the name of the victim at a store for an amount just more than $900.

6900 block of Roswell Rd., 30328 – Someone opened an American Express Jet Blue Card account in the name of the victim, and then charged $4,800 on it.

300 block of Waterford Dr., 30342 – The victim reported that someone obtained her card number and purchased more than $700 in items over the Internet.

300 block of Northridge Rd., 30350 – This victim said someone signed his name and address to a merchant processing application for credit card equipment. The rent due was just more than $3,000.

100 block of Hammond Dr., 30328 – A man fraudulently endorsed a $70,000 check and then cashed it at a bank. The suspect is known to the complainant who filed the report on behalf of the company.

7000 block of Chattahoochee Bluff Dr., 30350 – The victim said someone compromised her banking account and purchased almost $900 in items including flowers that were later delivered to a woman named Roneisha in Decatur.