Dear Editor,

This year’s Atlanta Policeman’s Ball was a spectacular event. Hosted at the Georgia Aquarium by the Honorable Johnny Isakson and Michael Robison, over 800 attendees turned out to celebrate a night of brotherhood in the Atlanta Police Department.

Honorary event chair, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, made a wonderful presentation and showed his support to our great city and police department. Additionally, Mayor Shirley Franklin was present and supportive of this great cause. Unfortunately, the turnout from other members of the Atlanta City Council was dismal, other than council members Ceasar Mitchell and Joyce Sheperd.

There are 16 members who serve on the Atlanta City Council and only two were actually in attendance. Why were the remaining 14 council members not there? Perhaps they were scared to face the men and women who protect our city every day after laying off their fellow brethren on the heels of budget cuts. Given the ambitions of our council to remedy our city of its budget shortfalls, one would think that they would be present to show their support to the Atlanta Police Foundation.

After attending the Atlanta Policeman’s Ball for several years, I continue to remain disappointed in the lack of participation from our City Council. During these difficult times, including those of substantial layoffs, particularly in the Atlanta Police Department, it is incumbent upon our leadership to bond with their team. This, in my opinion, is not the case and is not the result we are receiving from most of our elected officials.

I hope that our leadership will begin to show more interest in our Police Foundation and our police officers, so that our city continues to flourish and grow rather than weaken day by day.

Patricia Jones