Editor’s Notes
John F. Schaffner

With the $4 gallon of gas these days, my move to a condo on Peachtree Road in Buckhead may have been a visionary stroke of genius.

That thought has raced through my head more than once recently as I marvel at how close I am to things I need—within easy walking distance, and I am not an avid walker.

There is the Peachtree Road Farmers Market that convenes every Saturday morning right across Peachtree Road in the parking lot of the Cathedral of St. Philip.

I often in the past enjoyed going to a farmers market, or even a farmers stand by the side of the road. But, it always required getting in a car and driving there. Now, I can just walk across the street with my wife and buy terrific organically grown tomatoes, gourmet cheeses and pasta dishes, fresh baked goods and even some of the best crab or crab and lobster cakes—frozen, but terrific none the less.

If I just have to pick up a few staples at the regular market, I can just walk a couple of blocks up Peachtree to the Peach shopping center and the Publix there. Of course, for heavier purchases I take the car, but it is just a couple of blocks each way.

And, then there are the restaurants. For pizza or a good Spanish dish, there are Fellini’s and La Fonda just across from Rumson, the side street. Actually I look out over those two from my condo balconies.

Just up Peachtree, we have lots of culinary choices: Brio, Seasons 52, Grand China, Chops, J. Christopher’s, and ESPN Zone (yuk), and even a Moe’s and the only McDonald’s that has white table cloths. They all are within an easy walk….just a couple of blocks.

That is not even mentioning the restaurants and shops just to the south along Peachtree. It is only a mile or less to the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center.

Even with all the driving I do covering stories and just going to my office in Sandy Springs every day, I manage to drive two weeks on a tank of gas.

It makes me feel good to keep some of my money in my pocket instead of the pockets of those lords of the oil. And, besides, that walking is supposed to be healthy, right?