To the editor:

Accounts of my death are greatly exaggerated. When interviewed in April I indeed indicated how focused I was on straightening out Atlanta’s fiscal problems and therefore hadn’t formally made any re-election announcement. I also recall making what I thought was a clear jest about the sanity of anyone interested in serving on City Council.

People who know me know how heartfelt I am when I say that being elected by your friends and neighbors to represent them is the greatest honor imaginable.

I’ve no idea who is responsible for “speculation around City Hall” that “he may not even seek re-election…” I have never told anyone such a thing. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on the part of numberless bureaucrats (and likely a few colleagues) who would love to be rid of me.

While I thank those who have encouraged me to run for higher office, I find it impossible to contemplate watering down my advocacy for Buckhead. The community has given me terrific feedback and support in my efforts toward budget reform and lower property taxes, and my intention is to apply to the constituents for another term.

The next mayor will, depending on circumstances, need either the support or loyal opposition of Buckhead residents, and either way I look forward to the opportunity.

Councilman Howard Shook

Dist. 7 Atlanta City Council