Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The proposed Holy Spirit stadium had some 500 local residents dressed in either red or green at the July 17 Planning & Zoning Board meeting in hopes of signaling their choice to the board members in attendance. After extended comments by both sides, the board went into an executive session, only to listen to Vice Chairman Wayne Thatcher deliver a fire-breathing sermon, filled with misguided statements and innuendo, to neighborhood property owners.

Thatcher said he could not understand why the neighbors were in opposition to “schools and green spaces in our neighborhoods,” yet he skipped over the details that the proposal before the board pertained to the introduction of a year-round sports facility, and not a school, in an R-1 residential district. As for supporting additional green spaces, the sports complex would remain behind lock and key when not being used by the school athletic department.

To add insult to injury, the board chairman of a neighboring Montessori school outlined several safety concerns that school parents had for their young students. During open comments, he further suggested that surrounding neighbors were very supportive of a recent expansion project at his school, which was in sharp contrast to comments made by Holy Spirit Prep School representatives. In rebuttal, Thatcher generated a boisterous response from the meeting attendees when he addressed the Montessori representative and said, “You, sir, should not even be here.”

As it turned out, and to the chagrin of the local residents, the board did not have sufficient members in attendance to take action.

I guess we have our growing pains in Sandy Springs, and we have a few weeds to pluck. My suggestion would be to cull the “thatch.”

Robert L. Wilson
Sandy Springs