By John Schaffner

The Loudermilk family has filed a large-project application with the state for a 6-acre tract on East Paces Ferry Road near Grandview and Buckhead avenues, although the family has no immediate plans to begin development.

According to Cannon Equities, the developer representing the Loudermilk family, the “development of regional impact” application was submitted for a villagelike proposal.

The development would be near the present headquarters building for Aaron Rents, which Charles Loudermilk founded and runs with his son Robin, who also heads up the Buckhead Alliance. The property is near the large Streets of Buckhead development, a project of Ben Carter Properties.

The Loudermilk project is described in the application as having up to 560,000 square feet of office space, 95,000 square feet of retail space and 187 attached homes. The project’s anticipated completion date on the application is 2012, but sources said no construction start date has been planned.

Approval of the application by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority will help ensure that future development of the site will have less density than the zoning allows.

The Loudermilks also have finished clearing the property they own at the corner of Bolling Way and Peachtree Road N.E. with the recent demolition of the former cleaners on that corner. According to sources, no immediate redevelopment is planned for that property or the previously cleared parcel next door.

Although not confirmed by Charles Loudermilk, sources said he has plans for the refurbishing of the Roxy Theater on Roswell Road, just north of its intersection with Peachtree Road.

Reportedly, the theater façade will remain much the same, but with the addition of electronic billboard signage for shows and events. Retail shops will be retained on either side of the theater entrance on the street level facing Roswell Road. The theater will be remodeled for small shows and possible meeting use, and the second floor over the theater will be a facility for special events and meetings.

Loudermilk owns the property and used to attend movies there when growing up in Buckhead.

As reported in the July 11-24 edition of the Buckhead Reporter, Aaron Rents CEO Robin Loudermilk is being courted by several boutique hotel chains for a 1.5-acre parcel he owns, which now is a parking lot adjacent to the Roxy on the north side toward Irby Street. Loudermilk has expressed interest in building a 15-to-18-story hotel on the site.

Robin Loudermilk is credited with helping ignite the spurt of high-end redevelopment in the area around the Peachtree-Roswell intersection, between East Paces Ferry and Pharr roads, by forcing the closing of some of the old Buckhead Village bars and clubs where crime was pervasive. That was the original purpose of the Buckhead Alliance.