To the editor:

I would like to comment on the recycling article in your July 25 issue (“City saves $3 million with recyclables pickup”). I moved into a new home in June. In order to get a herbie curbie and recycling bin, I had to submit a copy of my settlement statement from the closing. I thought this was a strange, none-of-their-business request. After three weeks, no bins.

I called the mayor’s office (no help) and Clair Muller’s office (comforting words but no results) and was informed that the bins were ordered and it would be the end of July before they would be available.

Six weeks have passed. I did receive one herbie curbie last week, but I did not receive the additional container that I purchased. Still no recycling bin. Of note, the recycling bins should be twice the current size.

I am a strong proponent of recycling, and I think the city needs to put more effort in this area.

Gordon H. Skeen