Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The City Council is preparing to purchase the soon-to-be-vacated Target retail location for $8 million in the heart of Sandy Springs on Johnson Ferry Road and convert it to City Hall.


I’ve heard we must have a place to house our Police Department. Does that include our own detention center? What better place than in the heart of the city?

We certainly must have a new building that befits the new image the City Council has imagined. Construction may not start today, but certainly tomorrow. How could we even consider staying in rented offices that support an existing, tax-paying property owner? We should have our own property, with fine architecture and properly styled interior, and the grounds must be beautiful and immaculate. It will need to emulate the finest Sandy Springs residence, maybe even something in Rome — Italy, not Georgia. We wouldn’t want the city of Atlanta or maybe the new city of Dunwoody to have a prettier building than we do. Let’s make sure we budget enough to lead the way in style. Let’s make sure we are all proud to call this building ours.

What hogwash!

Fulton County government is shrinking, thank goodness. As taxpayers, we have already paid for the Fulton County Annex on Ros­well Road. Why not work hard (or harder, as the case may be) to share this taxpayer-owned property with the county government?

If we must have our own building to house this new and, unfortunately, growing city government, let us spend our money to create more space at this existing site (if needed), not to acquire new property. Keep government small.

If we let these City Council members create more space for city government, they will fill it — and then want more.

Don’t do it. Stop it before it starts. Encourage new business use of the Target property, not government use. Put a new tax-paying business entity on this real estate, not something that will be a reason to increase taxes further.

That’s my opinion.

Jim Buckler