Epstein students learn with Olympic spirit from potatoes

Epstein third-graders dived into Olympic-themed activities during their first week of school. As part of an enhanced, hands-on science curriculum, third-graders used all their senses in the Sense-ational Science program and participated in the Potato Olympics.

Each child examined a number of potatoes under a magnifying glass and selected one to represent a fictional Olympic athlete. The students invented athlete biographies and measured the sizes and weights of potatoes. Later, they created stories about what their athletes would do for fun and crafted clothing and decorations.

In the end, they competed for the gold using their potatoes in a game of bowling.

The activity was conceived as a creative, entertaining way to integrate science, math, language and art.

“The students are always very excited when they engage in activities that are not only educational, but fun, exciting and interesting,” said Jackie Pierce, a third-grade teacher. “Activities that stimulate all the senses really bring everything they learn together and make the learning experience more meaningful.”

Fulton names deputy superintendent

The Fulton County School System recently appointed Martha Greenway deputy superintendent of organizational advancement. Greenway, who has managed the district’s planning, assessment and development functions since 1999, began her new position Aug. 13.

Greenway has led the school system in several nationally recognized initiatives the past nine years. She guided implementation of the Balanced Scorecard, which was honored by the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame and documented in a case study by Harvard Business School. She also designed planning and assessment programs that enabled Fulton to become the first system in the country to achieve district-level accreditation.

Greenway, a resident of Sandy Springs, is proud of her heritage with the Fulton school system. She is the grand-niece of former Hapeville Elementary School Principal Jo Wells, Hapeville High School English chair Melvina Wells and former Superintendent Jere Wells. Her two children attend Fulton County schools.

Greenway holds master’s degrees in public administration and social work from Ohio State University. She also is a graduate of Leadership America, Leadership Atlanta and the Regional Leadership Institute. Before entering public education, she worked for 15 years in the United Way system, serving as national vice president of planning and policy.