After the Sandy Springs Reporter ran the front-page story on the Peter Ball Cemetery in the July 11-24 edition, we were informed by the owner of the home on Sudbury Road that lots of people had come by to visit the gravesite of the Ball family.

The Ball family burial plot is a bit of Sandy Springs history and the final home for some of the early settlers of Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.

Marcus Kahle, who owns the home behind which the cemetery is located, said he didn’t know about the article until a lot of people started walking up his driveway to find the cemetery.

Kahle said one thing in the article was misleading. He said he never had a problem with the cemetery being right beside his back yard. He bought the house in 2002 just after he turned 22.

Kahle recently told the Sandy Springs Reporter that it took a couple of weeks after the article appeared for the traffic of curious visitors to slow down, but it has. He said one family who came by said they live about a mile away and have the remains of the old Ball family mill in their back yard.

In another interesting twist, Tyler Johnson, a 16-year-old Sandy Springs resident, expressed an interest in taking on the cemetery upkeep as an Eagle Scout project. He was given the phone numbers of two surviving members of the Ball family.