The Galloway School paid tribute to Elliot Galloway, who founded the school in 1969, during its second annual convocation ceremony Aug. 29.

After formally beginning the school year, first- through 12th-graders released biodegradable red balloons containing messages addressed to Galloway, who died July 5 after participating in the Peachtree Road Race.

The convocation started with art teacher Carmen Gonzalez, a 30-year veteran of the school, ringing the courtyard bell to start a procession of students led by a bagpiper and a drummer.

The theme of the ceremony was a quotation from Galloway: “The physically fit body leads to a sound mind and a peaceful soul. We are all capable of reaching this goal. This is the good life.”

The head of school, Tom Brereton, said in his address that convocation is “an opportunity for students and teachers to gather and learn about a topic of mutual interest and use that idea to frame our work together for the next nine months.”

After Brereton’s address, three students made short speeches. Early-learning student Jake Milner shared his thoughts about the mind. Middle-learning student Max Levy spoke about the body. Upper-learning student Mikiko Thelwell spoke about the spirit.

Afterward, the entire school joined in a song, then listened to Galloway’s favorite song, “Eternal Father (Strong to Save),” known as the Navy Hymn.