To the editor:

As a longtime neighbor of The Epstein School, I’m glad the issue of stormwater runoff is being brought to light (“More flooding feared from Epstein plans,” Aug. 22). Until recently, I had no idea the problem was this bad.

When The Epstein School bought the property from Fulton County in 1994 and wanted to expand the school, many neighbors were worried, among other things, about the stormwater runoff. After meeting with the neighbors Jan. 24, Lynn Halpern, the president of the board of trustees of Epstein, wrote us a letter dated Feb. 4, 1994, which said: “Some people raised questions about current drainage problems in the neighborhood and how our plan would affect this issue. The Epstein School’s architect, Jova/Daniels/Busby, has retained the RBA Group as civil and traffic engineers for our project. Mark Morelock, the engineer assigned, describes the detention and drainage work as follows:

“The Underwood Hills School was built prior to Fulton County enacting the current detention requirements. In order to bring the site into conformance with Fulton County requirements, regrading, piping and detention ponds will be designed and constructed so that water will not run off from the site at a peak rate that would exceed the site in its undeveloped, natural state.

“Therefore, the completed site redevelopment will be a significant improvement over the existing conditions of the property today. With the new engineering, the flow of water will be redirected into underground ponds that we will construct and will be released in a controlled manner to the southeast, crossing Colewood Way via a pipe system. If required, the velocity of the outflows will be controlled to limit erosion as mandated by Fulton County.”

I went to the school’s meeting with the neighbors July 31 at the Fulton County North Annex. I was shocked and disappointed when I heard an Epstein representative say the school is currently out of compliance for storm water. How could that be? Shouldn’t there be some type of penalty for organizations or companies that are out of compliance?

Jeffrey M. Schneider