To the editor:

I wish to respond to your Sept. 5-18 article titled “Neighbors find some relief to problems with Buckhead Barn.”

My senior straight-A and International Baccalaureate daughter, Caroline, is a new employee of Buckhead Barn. Her duties there include supervision of camps and birthday parties, therapy for the handicapped, exercising school/polo ponies, communication with the Hispanic staff, and general upkeep. Her previous extensive training in equestrian dressage is from years attending Vogt Riding Academy on Houston Mill Road, also in an urban environment near the Emory campus. Most likely she will receive several equestrian scholarships as an incoming college freshman.

I grew up with horses. I grew up with green pastures. These are green pastures with little to no negative local environmental impact.

Buckhead Barn offers a priceless, picturesque and healthy symbol of a rural environment in an urban setting. The business is well run and well maintained. As a neighbor, I’d be hard pressed to identify complaints of its existence. Instead, I’d praise its presence.

Would the neighborhood prefer a cluster of condos to replace such a pristine establishment?

My sister and I own about nine 30305 Buckhead properties that are slowly being sterilized by construction, and I am stupefied by such unwarranted litigation regarding rural-use property.

Resident Anne Eldridge and attorney Jonathan Weintraub should possibly redirect their anger and reassess their environmental concerns. All may benefit if they pick new battles to fight for our community.

Lisa Donini