Despite the gas crunch, Brian Pierce of Peachtree Hills and his colleague Nik Bristow thought nothing of completing a 2,903 mile trip from New York City to Santa Monica, Calif.

They fueled their 2007 Volkswagen Jetta entirely with biodiesel, which they carried with them in jugs. Apart from a single stop in Flagstaff, Ariz. to pick up more fuel and regular driver changes, the team of copywriters from Atlanta-based Fitzgerald+CO never stopped. They completed the trip in 38 hours and 37 minutes.

During one driver change, they were met by a fan who was following them on He gave the team additional jugs of biodiesel to make sure they could complete the trip.

“That just shows how passionate biodiesel advocates are,” Bristow said.

The event was designed to promote Willie Nelson’s brand of biodiesel called “BioWillie,” and Pierce said the team is already looking for sponsors and participants for next year’s “Willie Run” race.

“The search for feasible fuel solutions isn’t going away anytime soon, so neither are we. Now that we’ve set the record for being the first-ever non-stop, cross-country trip fueled by biodiesel, we have to set our sights on breaking it next year,” he said.

Bristow said the goal of the trip was to “prove the efficiency and effectiveness of biodiesel.”

“We’ve helped get Americans talking about biodiesel as a viable fuel alternative, which is more important than ever,” he said.