Sandy Springs’ draft hazard mitigation plan, which will likely be approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency at the end of October and implemented in November, addresses prevention and reaction.

The plan is required for some federal and state grants and was the topic of a Sept. 15 community input session at City Hall.

Fire Marshal Jeff Scarbrough said the city has researched hazards specific to Sandy Springs: Morgan Falls Dam; media helicopters’ flight path, which goes over the landing pads for emergency helicopters at the three hospitals; wildfires resulting from drought conditions; and pipelines that carry jet fuel, diesel fuel and gasoline such as the Colonial Pipeline near the Ison Road school site.

In the past 10 years, the city has experienced five tornadoes, 66 wind storms, 13 droughts, 10 hail storms, nine floods, 25 hazardous-material spills and one terrorist incident (the 1997 bombing of an abortion clinic).