To the editor:

If you need a reason to oppose the expansion of a business in a residential area other than the loss of the property tax base, please come to my Riverside neighborhood for a visit. If you are coming from the north side of Riverside Drive to enter my neighborhood, please note the “No Right Turn from 7 a.m.-9 a.m.” because no one else heeds the sign.

Rivershore Estate residents need to stand at our “No Right Turn” sign and note the sheer volume of traffic that illegally cuts through our neighborhood. You will note the Cobb County residents, the high school drivers cutting through to two high schools and moms with children going to an area preschool-high school (who many times have children in the car who are old enough to read the signs to know their parents are willingly breaking the law).

Rivershore Estate residents can listen to a neighbor on Edgewater Court report that he had to jump out of the way of a speeding car and broke his ankle in two places. Another neighbor reported he was passed on an uphill on Weatherly Drive because he was driving the speed limit. I would report that a high school student passed me on the uphill stretch of Mountain Brook Way when I was going the speed limit (when I honked, I got the finger), and I was jogging and was almost hit by a car running the stop sign in the middle of Mountain Brook Way. Or ask the neighbors on the cut-through streets how long it takes them to pull out of their own driveways in the morning.

Sandy Springs police officers have tried to uphold the law by giving tickets. When a neighbor thanked the police officers as she walked by, one officer said he had to call in backup and the backup had to call for another backup officer because of the sheer volume.

Our police are overwhelmed and unable to control the volume of lawbreakers. Residential roads without sidewalks are not built to carry joggers, walkers, bikers and business traffic speeding and blowing through stop signs. If the Sandy Springs police are not able to handle our problem, what do you think is going to happen in Rivershore Estates?

Suzanne Caruthers