By John Schaffner

The case of the city of Atlanta vs. Johnny Imerman and his Buckhead Barn business on Northside Drive for violation of a home occupation business license and a city ordinance was closed Oct. 27 in the courtroom of Municipal Judge Gary Jackson.

As reported in the Buckhead Reporter’s Sept. 5-18 edition, Imerman operated Buckhead Barn on a home occupation business license, which requires him to live on the premises. Imerman actually lives in Sandy Springs in a residential area off Glenridge Drive.

Furthermore, he regularly had 25 to 30 horses on the property, violating a city ordinance that allows only five hoofed animals on a property in a residential area within the city limits.

On Aug. 25, the judge instructed Imerman to cease and desist all of his operations and to remove 20 of the 25 horses from the property. Jackson gave him 60 days to comply, but Imerman had to report to court on Sept. 15 and show his progress in complying with the judge’s ruling.

According to court records, by Sept. 15 operations at Buckhead Barn had ceased. All advertising signs had been removed, but 23 horses remained on the property.

On Oct. 27, a code officer observed from the street only five horses on the property, but entry to the property was not possible. That afternoon, Jackson declared Imerman in full compliance, and the case was closed.