Development deferred near City Walk

The Sandy Springs City Council deferred for 60 days Oct. 21 a decision about rezoning 208 Sandy Springs Place for the development of a four-story, 24,611-square-foot office and retail building.

The 0.6-acre property contains a one-story building that used to house an animal clinic. It is owned by Dawg Days Cattle Co. LLC; the developer is Sandy Springs Executive Center LLC.

City Walk Heights residents Alan Kessler, Howard Austin and Peter Traeger have spoken against the development in its proposed form on a number of occasions.

The property is on a corner with Sandy Springs Place bending around it. The residents want to see a site plan with a parking lot and curb cut facing away from their homes rather than at them, Kessler said in a telephone interview.

“We’re not opposed to seeing the property developed. It is the particulars of how the development is taking place,” he said. “There’s a shortage of parking on that street already such that people are illegally parked.”

The Design Review Board approved the planned construction in July, and the Planning Commission recommended in September the developer seek a compromise with neighbors. The rezoning required for the development will come before the mayor and City Council again Dec. 16.

Neighbors also said they are concerned the change in zoning would remove conditions prohibiting adult-oriented businesses, but Kessler said the developer never expressed an intention to put in that type of business.

“I wouldn’t want to see that happen,” he said. “I would like to see the city continue to work towards ridding itself of those types of businesses.”

Kessler said he doesn’t regret his decision to move into a mixed-use area or to the center of Sandy Springs. “I like the development that we’re living in, and I like being in close proximity to retail and restaurants and all sorts of convenient places to shop and do business,” he said. “I just don’t want to see it change to go more commercial on the particular street where the town homes are.”

Ethics Board gets two new members

The Sandy Springs City Council appointed Dick Eisenberg and Kirk Childs to the city’s Ethics Board on Oct. 21. They replace Jim Langlais and Nancy McCord, whose terms are up.

Susan Langlais and Kevin King were named as alternates.

The board members’ terms are staggered, preventing a complete turnover at any time.

At the same meeting, the council postponed action on an ordinance that could make city employees, in addition to elected and appointed officials, subject to the Ethics Board’s review.