The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Larceny from auto

Alexander Circle – A victim reported Oct. 14 her black 2005 Mercedes was broken into at the Estates at Phipps and her car stereo was stolen. The thieves broke in through the front passenger window. Police were unable to recover fingerprints.

Laurel Forest Circle – A victim reported Oct. 17 thieves broke into her 2005 Toyota Sequoya and her husband’s 2006 Lexus while they were parked in the garage of their residence overnight. The garage door was not open, and the vehicles were locked. An estimated $202 in cash was stolen, and the credit cards were used at gas stations before the victims could cancel them.

Other larceny

Blackland Court – A victim reported Oct. 17 that while work was being done at her house, four rings valued at $75,000 were stolen. She later found three of the rings wrapped in a paper towel in her yard. One ring valued at $15,000 was still missing. Police suspect one of the construction employees.

West Paces Ferry Road – An employee at Publix reported Oct. 15 a man entered the store, took $150 worth of beer and fled in a white Acura Integra. The employee told police the same man had stolen items from the store earlier in the week.

Peachtree Road – A victim reported Oct. 13 that a Carrier air conditioner was taken from the parking deck of Lenox Towers.

Peachtree Road – An employee of Nordstrom reported Oct. 14 he saw a woman attempt to shoplift $310 in merchandise.

Roswell Road – A victim reported Oct. 15 his band was playing at Johnny’s Hideaway when a bouncer told him someone was caught with his bag. The victim said a check for $900 was stolen from the bag. The suspect left after being told to do so by the bouncer.

Commercial burglary

Peachtree Road – The owner of Knockout Hair Salon went to his business Oct. 14 after being notified of an alarm. He found the rear door of the business had been pried open. A cash box containing $700 and a set of keys were stolen. The incident was captured by surveillance cameras.

Pharr Court – An officer responded to an alarm call at the Westminster Apartments Business Center Oct. 17 and was told by a manager a man tried to steal a computer. Security video showed a man identified as a resident of the complex trying to pull the computer out from under a desk when the alarm went off. When police went to his apartment, he refused to come out and shouted through the door that he didn’t steal anything. The officers left to get an arrest warrant.

Ottley Drive – A victim told police Oct. 15 he had left his music equipment in a room he subleased at Avatar Music Studio. When he returned to the studio after about three weeks, his Fender amp, valued between $800 and $1,200, was gone.

Residential burglary

Pinestream Road – A victim reported Oct. 17 he witnessed an unknown white Nissan Pathfinder pull into the driveway of a home across the street from his. The drivers pulled the car into the garage and closed the door before loading a Viking range into the vehicle. An investigator was able to recover fingerprints at the owner of the vehicle’s address.

Antone Street – A victim reported Oct. 14 he returned home to find the front door had been jimmied open. A set of vehicle keys, beer and a bottle of vodka were missing. He told police he suspected a man named Craig who had helped with odd jobs in the past. It was the second time the residence had been entered and alcohol had been stolen.

Seaboard Place – A victim reported Oct. 15 she arrived home to find the side door of her residence had been pried open and a 50-inch Panasonic flat-screen television had been stolen, along with a DVD burner.

Northside Circle – A victim reported the evening of Oct. 13 an intruder in a red hooded sweatshirt threw rocks through the window of his residence and kicked in the front door. The two fought, and the suspect bit the victim’s finger. A neighbor called police.

Commercial robbery

Roswell Road – Police were alerted Oct. 15 to a robbery in progress at the Lollipop Adult Store. When police arrived, a victim reported a man wearing a black hat turned backward and a white stocking over his face had robbed the store of $475 in cash and fled. An image of the man without the stocking pulled over his face was captured by security cameras.

Residential robbery

Defoor Court – Three victims reported Oct. 17 they were approached by two armed men near their home. One of the men had a revolver and the other had a machine gun. They ordered the victims to give up their cellphones, keys and wallets and pistol-whipped one of the three. When police arrived on the scene, they noticed a strong odor of marijuana. One of the victims was arrested after consenting to a police search of his home, which resulted in the seizure of 4.09 ounces of marijuana, a scale, baggies and a Smith and Wesson gun.

Pedestrian robbery

Roswell Road and Karland Drive – Two women reported Oct. 12 they were approached by a man with a red bandanna over his mouth. The man had a semiautomatic handgun and demanded they drop their purses, take off their shoes and walk away.

Aggravated assault

Northside Drive – An employee of Northside Drive Liquor witnessed a woman attempting to shoplift from the store Oct. 15. When she was confronted, she struck the employee with a beer bottle.