The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Pedestrian robbery

3000 block of Stratford Road, 30342 – A man reported Oct. 29 he was standing at the front door of his apartment building waiting to get in when a man wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, black jeans and a black shirt tried to pull the victim’s Gucci bag from his hand. The victim punched the assailant, who then pulled a handgun from an ankle holster. The victim fled. A witness saw the attacker flee in a silver Dodge Magnum. He got away with the Guc­ci bag, which contained a laptop computer, a diamond watch and a diamond necklace, valued at a total of $148,801.

Coronet Way and Bolton Drive, 30318 – A man reported Nov. 11 he was walking on the street when a black Toyota Camry pulled up with two men inside. One was about 5 feet 4 inches tall, stocky and wearing a Halloween mask. The other had a short haircut, was wearing a brown sweatshirt and pointed a military-type rifle at the victim. The assailants took $500 in cash and a cellphone.

100 Noble Creek Drive, 30327 – A man reported Oct. 29 he was robbed at gunpoint by two men who were accompanied by three others in a 1995 Mazda 626. Five suspects were arrested that day.

2000 Peachtree Road, 30309 – A victim reported Oct. 27 he left his car running while delivering newspapers to an apartment complex. A man approached him, produced a gun and stole the car. Police pursued the car, which crashed, and a suspect was apprehended after a short foot chase. Several officers sustained minor injuries in the scuffle.

Commercial robbery

2600 block of Piedmont Road, 30324 – It was reported Oct. 27 two men entered Inserection, pointed a silver handgun at two employees and demanded all the money in the register. The robbers fled on foot.


800 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard, 30324 – A woman reported Oct. 26 she may have been sexually assaulted after inviting two men into her room. She told police she was using marijuana and alcohol. The last thing she could remember was watching television. When she awoke, her head was cut. Her Dell laptop and iPod were stolen. She refused medical treatment and a rape kit.

400 block of Armour Drive, 30324 – A woman reported Oct. 27 she was raped by a man with a gun and a hockey mask.

Aggravated assault

2000 Morosgo Court, 30324 – A man reported Oct. 31 a woman hit him on the shoulder and head twice, causing him pain.

Peachtree and West Paces Ferry roads, 30305 – A man reported Oct. 31 he honked at another man who nearly hit his vehicle while driving. The second man pulled a holstered gun and said: “You don’t want any problems with me. I’ll (expletive) kill you.”

3000 block of East Shadowlawn Avenue, 30305 – It was reported Oct. 29 that a man hit a woman in the face at a nightclub. A male companion of hers intervened, and the first man threw a glass beer bottle at his head, injuring him. The bottle ricocheted off the man’s head and struck another man in the head, injuring him too. Officers prevented the bottle-thrower from leaving the scene.

1900 block of La Dawn Lane, 30318 – A woman reported Oct. 31 a man kicked in her door, waved a knife at her and shocked her with a Taser-type weapon.

500 block of Bishop Street, 30318 – A man told police Oct. 29 he was in an office and recording studio leased by Corporate Thugs Entertainment when he heard the sound of shots outside. He saw two holes appear in the wall opposite his desk, took cover under the desk and called 911. Police found nine bullet holes in the front window, 15 spent shell casings in the parking lot and several holes in the interior walls of the office.

Auto theft

3400 block of Alexander Circle, 30326 – A white 2004 Ford Expedition was stolen Oct. 28.

2500 block of Lenox Road, 30324 – A green 1996 Acura was stolen Nov. 1.

3000 block of Lenox Road, 30324 – A 2001 Dodge Stratus was stolen Nov. 1 from an apartment complex.

2000 block of Bolton Drive, 30318 – A 1996 Honda Accord was stolen Oct. 27 and was later recovered down an embankment.

Commercial burglary

3200 block of Roswell Road, 30305 – Officers responded to an alarm Oct. 30 at The Taco Stand. Several DirecTV boxes, four bottles of liquor, and several 50-inch and 30-inch flat-screen televisions had been stolen.

1100 block of Collier Road, 30318 – Someone kicked in the door to Ralph’s Cleaners on Oct. 31 and ransacked the business. A change machine was pried open, and $700 in change was missing.

1100 block of Collier Road, 30318 – Someone pried open the rear doors of three businesses and stole cash from their registers. Smudged fingerprints were found.

2100 block of Hills Avenue, 30318 – It was reported Oct. 26 that the door of a business was bypassed and two laptops were stolen.

300 Deering Road, 30309 – An employee at Townview Station Apartments reported Oct. 27 she found the leasing office had been broken into and $200 in cash, rent checks, a Lowes credit card and a blue plastic folder had been stolen.

Residential burglary

3600 Paces Valley Road, 30327 – A man reported Oct. 30 he arrived home to find a ceiling fan, light fixtures, an electric range and a dishwasher missing. A window was damaged by a BB gun.

4000 block of Wieuca Road, 30342 – A man reported Oct. 28 he heard a loud noise in his bedroom and found a burglar exiting through an air-conditioning-unit hole in the window. The resident chased the man. A suspect later was arrested with the victim’s laptop computer, camcorder and camera bag.

400 block of Armour Drive, 30324 – A woman reported Oct. 29 her door was kicked in, and her printer, scanner and miscellaneous papers were stolen. She told police she suspects her ex-boyfriend.

500 block of Trabert Avenue, 30309 – A man reported Oct. 30 he arrived home to find the door had been kicked in and a Samsung LCD television and a Macintosh laptop computer were missing.

Larceny from auto

2700 block of Margaret Mitchell Drive, 30327 – A victim reported Oct. 28 two pairs of sunglasses were stolen from his 2008 Ford Edge, and a DVD player was damaged.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A man reported Oct. 31 his white 2009 Toyota was broken into, and a laptop was stolen.

3400 block of Lenox Road, 30326 – A gray 2008 Nissan and a white 2006 Ford F-150 were broken into Oct. 29. Various items were stolen from the two vehicles.